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does anyone know how i can go about making this


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i am trying to learn how to go about learning to make the below image navigation bar, i have been doing some research on how to make it, but no luck so far, i prefer to make it in photoshop or using css to make the curve. any link or tips will be appreciated greatly



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What is it? Look like plain old links. I can't even tell whether they're buttons.

im talking about the curve on the bar itself

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If you're talking about the borders above and below the links, that's just a gradient. CSS has support for background gradients I believe.

yeah, i just found the link with the fancy css curves that you had send me a few months ago.


I thought you might be talking about a div with rounded corners



Your image leaves a lot to the imagination.

not that exactly but ill try to do it with the css thanks for helping tho

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