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Replace value in associative array using foreach()


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This is how I defined the array:

$j = 1;while($j < $i){$battlepokemon[$j] = array('battle_poke' => $battle_poke[$j], 'battle_level' => $battle_level[$j], 'battle_health' => $battle_health[$j]);$j++;}

So the structure is something like this:

battlepokemon[1]{battle_poke => xxxxbattle_level => 10battle_health => 50}battlepokemon[2]{battle_poke => xxxxbattle_level => 10battle_health => 50}... and so on... 

Lets say.. I want to replace the value battlepokemon[1] => battle_health(key) from 50 to 100 using foreach()..

How should I do that??


I don't want to do it manually like: $val[$key] = 100; or something like that...!




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$i = 1;foreach ($battlepokemon as $key => $value){if($value['opponent_increment'] == $opponent_increment){$value['battle_health'] = 0;echo "Data replaced!";}$i++;}

As you said dsonesuk!

This code is working properly..only the assignment of '0' to the attr $value['battle_health'] is not working! is the statement correct??

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?? I don't $opponent_increment relates to, but I'm guessing the $j increment or now the index value used for in original post battlepokemon[1] or battlepokemon[2]

        foreach ($battlepokemon as $key => $value) {            if ($battlepokemon[$key]['opponent_increment'] == $opponent_increment) {                $battlepokemon[$key]['battle_health'] = 0;                echo "Data replaced!";            }        }

but you could get same result with

        foreach ($battlepokemon as $key => $value) {            if ($key== $opponent_increment) {                $battlepokemon[$key]['battle_health'] = 0;                echo "Data replaced!";            }        }
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