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JavaScript Drop down value Null when click Submit Button in CHROME


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Hi can any one help on this below issue: in javascript dropw down list sending a null value.i have 2 textfiled and one drop down list. when i enter username and passaword and drop down is good.but issue is when i submit the dropdown value is null for chrome and issue is working fine in IE.for this i can able to see in log file. i hope issue with "document.getElementById("stdid ").value=stdrole" Can anyone tell me solution for this. Thanks in a Advance Regards Raj Kumar R

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function validateLoginForm(){
var username = document.getElementById("firstname").value;
var password = document.getElementById("password").value;
var rolesList = document.getElementById("stdid");
var roleValue = rolesList.options[rolesList.selectedIndex].value;
if((username == null ||username =='') || (password == null||password=='') || stdid =='EMPTY_ROLE'){
document.getElementById("password").value = "";
document.getElementById('nullValidation').innerHTML = '<font color="#FF0000" size="1">Please enter a valid User ID, Stdid& Password before login.</font>';
return false;
document.getElementById("stdid").value = roleValue;
return true;
If i set alert(document.getElementById("stdid").value); msg . Alertbox populated but when i check in chrome alertbox ix not coming and Stdid value is setting null.
Please suggestion on this issue
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