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How to display Google Ads as Sponsored Links


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Goggle may not let you that:






This is an older link, but I can't find anything to the contrary with the time I have.

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Thanks again, but the URL I have mentioned is from a reputable site and I have also see this type of layout on some other sites so there is definitely a way to do this with Google ads. Adsense API seems to be for reporting only.


Here is another example of some Google ads with this type of sponsored links layout: http://new-york.jobtonic.com/

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Thanks for your reply.


I can't find the layout below in Adsense, can you?


Ads by Google related to: jobs in New York
www.jobrapido.com/new+yorker+job14 urgent openings. No timewasters!New Yorker Job
515 people follow Jobrapido on Google+
www.jobsinyourarea.co/892 Jobs Available In Your Area.Earn $8 - $65 per Hour. Hiring Now!
www.postaljobsauthority.com/NewYork$21/hr Start, Avg Pay $72K/yrCheck Our Map of the 1700 Openings.
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I see that if I shut off all of my ad blockers.There is this line of Javascript on the page, in addition to the code to include the libraries from Google:

    var pageOptions = {"pubId":"pub-5993039878355276","query":"jobs in New York","linkTarget":"_blank","channel":"8300360002+8715045201","siteLinks":"","hl":"en"};    var adblock1 = {"container":"adcontainer1","number":"3","width":"auto","lines":"3","fontFamily":"arial","fontSizeTitle":"16px","fontSizeDescription":"13px","fontSizeDomainLink":"13px","colorTitleLink":"3376AC","colorDomainLink":"3376AC","colorBackground":"fef7ee"};    var adblock2 = {"container":"adcontainer2","number":"3","width":"auto","lines":"3","fontFamily":"arial","fontSizeTitle":"16px","fontSizeDescription":"13px","fontSizeDomainLink":"13px","colorTitleLink":"3376AC","colorDomainLink":"3376AC","colorBackground":"fef7ee"};    var adblock3 = {"container":"adcontainer3","number":"4","width":"auto","lines":"3","fontFamily":"arial","fontSizeTitle":"16px","fontSizeDescription":"13px","fontSizeDomainLink":"13px","colorTitleLink":"3376AC","colorDomainLink":"3376AC","colorBackground":"fef7ee"};        _googCsa('ads', pageOptions, adblock1, adblock2, adblock3);    
So it creates several objects with various properties, including telling Google which elements to add the ad containers to, and then calls the _googCsa function to send everything. I presume that function would download any needed libraries from Google if they aren't already on the page and then send the information to Google's API, which will return some Javascript code that ads the iframes and other things to the page to show the ads. The 3 adblock objects give the element IDs to put the ads.
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Adsense is not for reporting only. This is literally the first paragraph of the intro page for Adsense:

AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by displaying targeted ads next to your online content. With AdSense, you can show relevant and engaging ads to your site visitors and even customize the look and feel of ads to match your website.

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