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Padding not working?

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Display on the following page (relevant code displayed below): http://zagadka.net/portfolio.php


The primary problem is that the text in the right side divs (everything in outerDiv) sill simply not accept any padding-left, so the text lines up flush to the left side div (siteTumbnail).


((I had to do some inline CSS for custom colors))

	.siteThumbnail	{		float: left;		border: 5px solid;		border-color: #152434;		background-color: #152434;		width: 500px; 		height: 275px;	}	.outerDiv	{		border: 5px solid;		border-color: #152434;		border-left: 0px;		color: #152434;		height: 275px;	}	.titleBar	{		background-color: #152434;		padding: 8px;		color: #ffffff;		font-weight: bold;	}		.statusBar	{		color: #ffffff;		padding: 8px;		font-weight: bold;	}		.description	{		padding: 8px;		background-color: #ffffff;		color: #000000;		line-height:150%;		font-size: 14px;	}
<div style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; width: 1100px;">	<div class="siteThumbnail" style="border-color: #D6DF20; background-color: #D6DF20;">		<a href="http://zagadka.net/portfolio/eldercareoptions/"><img src="./portfolio/images/eldercareoptions.jpg" border="0"></a>	</div>	<div class="outerDiv" style="border-color: #D6DF20;">		<div class="titleBar" style="background-color: #D6DF20; color: #000000;">			Elder Care Options (2014)		</div>		<div class="statusBar" style="background-color: #1BA239;">			Fully Functional		</div>		<div class="description">			Though this page is rather simple (developed pro bono), I have gone to pains to develop it as a "default" of sorts.<br>			It feclects simplicity, consistent design, and presentation of information. One of the rules of design is that people pay far more attention to what appears on their screen than they do what they have to scroll down to. Thus, the data on this site is dense, but clear.<br>			I also intentionally gave it a "lighter" feeling due to the nature of the topic (elder care). And also, to be honest, to break my reliance on blue color hues.		</div>	</div></div>

I've tried cramming padding-left into every div element on the page with no luck. My suspicion is that the float:left is messing things up, but I'd like some more opinions.



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