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What tools should I use to develop a device neutral web application?

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I am a computer science student in my senior year at my local university. I recently was hired on as an intern to create a mobile web application. The mobile web application is very simple; it needs to interface with a data base to both give a full data base view for an administrator and for end users to fill out a simple survey. I have never done anything in web development before, so I did a little research and the tools that kept coming up where html, css, java script, and php. However, I also ran into other tools with different applications, like AJAX with Jquery, HTML5, and micrsofts asp.net. I have a basic understanding of html and css, but I haven't committed to a development platform yet. I wanted some advice on which one to choose, based on the following criteria:


1) I want to develop a website that is device neutral. So I want it to work well on both desktops and mobile devices.

2) No one knows the future, but I would like to use the development platform that is likely to become or remain the standard in the future.

3) It needs to be available as a part of a standard server platform for a typical web host

4) It needs to be able to dynamically generate web content and interface with an SQL data base.


I would really appreciate some advice, input, ect. I don't know if I will pursue a career in web development, but sense I already have to learn at least one development platform, I figure I might as well learn the right one.


Thank you for any advice and input.

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There's no such thing as a standard platform, you can choose either .NET or PHP and then find a host that would support one or both of them. Both of them are fairly widespread, you'll probably find more hosts that support PHP than .NET. That's about it as far as server requirements go, you can choose either PHP or .NET and go from there. PHP probably has a bigger developer community, .NET is more prevalent in corporations. In terms of making it device-neutral, you'll want to research responsive design. You might want to use something like Twitter Bootstrap to help you get started.

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