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Parent Div isn't resizing in height to accomodate Divs within it

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I have a master div ID in which I have a number of other divs:

<div id="master"> <!--This is the open master div--><div id ="namestrip"></div><div id ="basicsbox"></div><div id ="videobox"></div><div id ="experiencebox"></div><div id ="teachingstylebox"></div></div> <!--This is a closes the master-->

I have set the height of the master DIV ID to auto hoping it resizes to accommodate whatever is in it:

#master  /*the box we work in*/    {    width: 1024px;    height: auto;        }

However, as you can see from the screenshot, this doesn't appear to work (I have highlighted the master ID border in black)screenshot.jpg


Any ideas as to why this isn't working. If I set the height to fixed then everything is contained in the master tags and the footer sorts itself out, but I wanted to use the auto height function.


Many thanks




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