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Overwrite function call of onClick="..."


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Hey guys!


I have another pretty simple problem.


I have some html-code with an onClick function call.

<table>	<th onclick="$(document).ready(somefunction());">		some stuff	</th></table>

Now I want to write a JavaScript function, to swap "somefunction()" with "someotherfunction()". How can I achieve that?


The purpose of all of this is, to create a <table><th> that does something on the first click, and something else on the second click.

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Don't use the HTML event attributes. they're only there for backwards compatibility for old pages.


The table needs a <tr> element around the <th> element.


First you need a way to access the element, for example an ID:

<th id="button">

Then you can access the element. I'll use jQuery syntax because that's what you're currently using:

$("#button").on("click", somefunction); // Parentheses () should not be used on the function name here

Inside somefunction you can remove the other event listener and add a new one:

function somefunction() {    // Do something    // ...    // Remove listener and add a new one    $("#buton").off("click", somefunction);    $("#buton").on("click", someotherfunction);}
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