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reliable domain hosting for my small business site


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Hello ~ I don't know where to post this one but I am looking for sage advice.


I am finding it very difficult to source a RELIABLE domain host for a small business website. My budget limit is around $100/year.


I had to leave Aplus.net when they were acquired by Deluxe and their service quickly deteriorated. I then went to Bluehost but they have become so unreliable that they are actually disfunctional as a web host at this point. They blacklisted my CDN at one point without any notice and their servers have no redundancy (they've told me this). My site is up and down today. All they can offer is apologies. Obviously, this is not business quality hosting.


I can't afford a VPN of anything on that level.


Has anyone had experience with xCubeHost? It's veeery hard to know what is a real review and what is a paid review on the web, but I am hoping to get some HONESTY here. I've spent a great deal of time building a complex site and now I can't get it to stay online. Any solid recommedations are greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


~ Evan

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I think it is very difficult to recommend a web host because different people seem to have different expectations and different problems and many web hosts go through periods where they are having various issues and problems. Then on top of that there is the utterly corrupting influence of affiliate programs.

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My top three; HostMonster, GoDaddy, and HostGator.

(Discount for hostgator is: HOSTGATORVIDEO)


HostMonster is great for business, and is what I plan to use. They offer a lot of awesome help, and are recommended by many reliable websites. Offering over three different text editors, and even free website builders they are outstanding. Also, they are comparable with basically all databases, and also SQL, PHP, and more! Recommended A++++.

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