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Link ( click on images open its details ) not working in any Mobiles

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On home page [Website link] there is sliding celebrity Images : on click of any celebrity it takes to it resp. pages which is working on Desktop / laptop browser , i mean click - link working , but same if i open in Any Cell Phones then `sliding images` is shown but `images` is `not click able` and it not going to resp. page of celebrity.I am using `wp-roundabout-pro` ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-roundabout-pro/ ) plugin in my website ( `WordPress 3.8.4` )i know the plugin is not support to current version of my word-press... but In Desktop / laptop browser all working prefect.any idea what is the issue. please help me out... as if this issue is not short-out then my whole work will be wasted

Below is plugin code : 
    <?php        $anims = array('lazySusan', 'waterWheel', 'figure8', 'square', 'conveyorBeltLeft', 'conveyorBeltRight', 'diagonalRingLeft', 'diagonalRingRight', 'rollerCoaster', 'tearDrop', 'theJuggler', 'goodbyeCruelWorld');        if(!in_array($animation, $anims)){    $animation='conveyorBeltLeft';    $asclass = '';    } else {    $asclass = 'class="hideflow"';    }        $sid = 'rbt-'.uniqid();    $out = '<ul '.$asclass.' id="'.$sid.'">';        $fwidth = intval($data[opt1]);    $fheight = intval($data[opt2]);        while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res)){    if($row[url]!='' && trim($row[url])!=' '){    $img = '<img src="'.get_image_thumb($row[url], 'w='.$fwidth.'&h='.$fheight).'" />';    } else {    $img = '';    }        if($row[title]!='' && trim($row[title])!=' '){    //$ttlxz='<span class="rbt-title"><span>'.$row[title].'</span></span>';    $ttlxz='';    } else {    $ttlxz='';    }            if($row[desc]!='' && trim($row[desc])!=' '){    //$descxz='<span class="rbt-content"><span>'.$row[desc].'</span></span>';    $descxz='';    } else {    $descxz='';    }        $out = $out.'<li style="background-color:'.$row[color].'">'.$ttlxz.''.$descxz.'<a href='.$row[desc].'>'.$img.'</a></li>';    }        $out = $out.'</ul>    <style type="text/css">    #'.$sid.' {    list-style: none;    padding: 0;    margin: 0 auto;    width: '.$data[opt5].'px;    height: '.$data[opt6].'px;    }        #'.$sid.' .roundabout-moveable-item {    height: '.$fheight.'px;    width: '.$fwidth.'px;    background-color: '.$data[opt4].';    text-align: left;    cursor: pointer;    overflow:hidden;    }    </style>    <script>    jQuery(document).ready(function() {    jQuery("#'.$sid.'").roundabout({    autoplay: '.$data[opt7].',    autoplayDuration: '.$data[opt9].'000,    minOpacity: '.$data[opt10].',    maxOpacity: '.$data[opt11].',    reflect: '.$data[opt12].',    enableDrag: '.$data[opt13].',    dragAxis:"'.$data[opt3].'",    shape: "'.$animation.'",    autoplayPauseOnHover: '.$data[opt8].'    });    });    </script>    ';        ?>

Sample of HTML code generated :

    <div class="slider">        <ul id="rbt-5428f4c10c934" class="hideflow roundabout-holder" style="padding: 0px; position: relative;">        <li style="background-color: rgb(238, 238, 238); position: absolute; left: 684px; top: 58px; width: 137.19px; height: 82.314px; opacity: 0.19; z-index: 117; font-size: 6.4px;" class="roundabout-moveable-item">        <a href="http://www.thefansworld.com/celebfanpage/shahrukh-khan/">        <img src="http://www.thefansworld.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-roundabout-pro/cache/w=300&h=180___Shahrukh-Khan-Magazine-Photoshoot.jpg">        </a>        </li>        </ul>    </div>

I taught my a link have some issue but my anchor link is seem to be perfect then why its not working in mobile phones.


Also one user told me that on his/her mobile phone its working but i have checked in Samsung , Nokia , Sony ,Tabs all phones ..but its not working -- means image is not clickable ,where on desktop / laptop its working fine



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