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Stuck in a loop


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Take a look at this code:

do while instr(LCase(elementString),LCase("/images/pagepictures/"&sPageTitle&"/egami/"))>0response.write(instr(LCase(elementString),LCase("/images/pagepictures/"&sPageTitle&"/egami/")))   	 sFileName=mid(LCase(elementString),instr(LCase(elementString),LCase("/images/pagepictures/"&sPageTitle&"/egami/")))sFileName=left(sFileName,instr(sFileName,"""")-1)sFileName=right(sFileName,Len(sFileName)-instrRev(sFileName,"/"))call crop(sFileName)   	 elementString=Replace(LCase(elementString),LCase("/images/pagepictures/"&sPageTitle&"/egami/"),"/images/pagepictures/"&sPageTitle&"/200/",1,1)response.write(instr(LCase(elementString),LCase("/images/pagepictures/"&sPageTitle&"/egami/")))response.Flush()loop

When I run this code, I get stuck in an infinite loop, and the response.writes return 905 and 0 accordingly, over and over again.What I'm curious about is why the variable elementString is reset to it's original value at the end of the loop.Any ideas?

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