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Code for Removing Slider on Blog Page


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Hi all,
I couldn't find a specific wordpress section of the forum so I thought this is probably the most appropriate place to post.
I need to stop a photo slider that shows up on my front page from showing up on my blog page. the issue is that it is driven by the blog page since the slider is blog posts. It's a bit complicated to explain and I am using the Hueman wordpress theme.
I followed the instructions below to set it up so that the slider shows on the home page:
The link to my home page is:
I haven't got the blog page set up yet because I want to get this fixed first; however, I have a test site that I have tried to fix the issue on the the slider that you see at the top of the home page automatically comes up on the blog page.
I am fairly sure its just some code I need to put into the feature of functions php files but haven't got a clue what. I would really appreciate some help since this is a charity site I have set up and it's there to help people and I want to make sure it runs as perfectly as I can get it to.
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