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VB.net webrowser download


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I am currently using a webbrowse from within vb.net and have been able to navigate to a website login successfully.


I am now looking to be able to download a .tar.gz and specific where to save this file to. (In order to get access to the download you have to login to create a cookie hence why i have logged in)


When attempting to load the page (http://mysite/admin/backup.tar.gz) this then returns a dialog box. I am looking to see if i cane save this file automatically and not prompt the user?


Example code to populate the username section

For Each element As HtmlElement In WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementsByTagName("input")            If element.Name = "sessionUser" Then                Dim i = 0                Dim strLine = "admin"                element.InnerText = strLine            End If        Next
and here is when prompts to save the file as:






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