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Glitches During HTML Download


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Hello! I am by no means a professional - excuse what may be a silly question, and definitely silly code!


I have 2 problems I would define as glitching and shifting that I cannot solve:



Here is the site I am discussing: http://conservefineartsonoma.com/index.html



1.) A complete shift of text and a smaller header logo when you click the CONTACT link. http://conservefineartsonoma.com/Contact.html


2.) When each link on the page is clicked, the entire page formatting shifts until the page has downloaded. What is this?? It's driving me bonkers....


I have included the CSS and a few pages from the site to this posting since I have no idea which part of the code is at fault for either of these problems.


Any help would very VERY much appreciated - trying to get it nice n smooth!





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In which browsers are you encountering the problems?


I can't really identify the problems you mentioned. As niche suggested, make sure your HTML is valid, because it is the only way to make sure the page functions the same in every browser.

This is a link to the W3C validator: http://validator.w3.org/


The W3C is the organization that handles the HTML standard, they decide what is and isn't HTML.

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