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PHP - TCPDF pdf style bold with Arial font

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Hello, for the longest time we were using FPDF to generate our pdf invoices. We recently upgraded to TCPDF and noticed we lost the bold font style. Our system admin says the font files are where they should be, in fact we can call $pdf->SetFont( 'Arial', 'BI', 10 ); and it is bold italic. Pass in 'I' and it is Italic but if we only pass in 'B' for bold, it display as normal font, no style. In the older FPDF, bold worked fine.


Is there something we might be missing? We really need headers, certain labels and info to stand out in bold. Thank you for any help with this.


Running the latest version of TCPDF on a Linux server.


Thank you for any help with this.

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I don't know if this is related to the same problem, but after a Microsoft/IE update the Arial font and other fonts were screwed up ( good old MS) and they did not show as expected. To fix you have to find a previous version font and reinstalled overwriting the update , after I did this the Arial font styles was back to normal.

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