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Drag&Drop with jQuery UI


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Hey guys!


I am messing around with some jQuery Stuff. Now I thought about having some "Draggable" Objects and an "Droppable" Object to drop the "Draggable" stuff into. I also can get the current position of a "Draggable" Object when I drop it.




Is it possible to get all Objects already dropped into the "Draggable" Object? Like something finished I could use?



  • I have a "Droppable" Object.
  • Now I drag&drop some "Draggable" Objects into the "Droppable" Object.
  • Now I push a button.
  • This button calls a function.
  • And inside that function I want to "ask" the "Droppable" Objects:
  • "What is currently inside of you? And where is it?"

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