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PHP > MySQLi > Is it depreciated?

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Hello all.


I have come here to the source of web standards to understand PHP and the API's it uses to access databases.


From my reading (why yes, I do know how to use google :) ) it seems both MySQLi and PDO are acceptable methods. Other than the boatload of "experts" on various forums and blogs shouting that MySQLi is depreciated, is there any real indication that it is?


Now I don't want to start a MySQLi Vs PDO thread. I just want to know if MySQLi is still an acceptable API to use

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It's acceptable to use MySQLi. PDO is just newer and probably better. The original MySQL library for PHP is deprecated because it doesn't have support for prepared statements, transactions or other features.


The page you linked to has a good breakdown of the features, which is what you should consider when choosing an API for your project.

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