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CSV file to display in html element


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I need to be able to read a text file (csv), parse it, and then display the parsed values (numerics) in a web page. This only needs to happen on page load. The values in the file will not change more than once per day. I have spent a couple of hours trying to figure this out on my own, so I'm giving up on finding it.


I found this bit of code which will read the text file and display it on the page, but I can't figure out how to break the string apart and assign it to different elements.



Thanks for any assistance.

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HTML5 actually does offer some local file support, but only if the user manually selects or drags a file. Will you manually select this CSV file?

No. The data is updated daily by FTP from my local computers. The file is on the server. I want to get the data and display it on the page whenever someone browses the page. It does not need to be asynchronous. I have used an ajax ticker in the past to do something like this, but I thought there might be a simpler way.


After much flailing around, I put together something that does what I wanted.


<script>var txt ="";var Ary ="";$.get('../clientFTP/AlligatorFin.txt', function (data) {    txt = data;    Ary = txt.split(",");    document.getElementById("Gain").innerHTML = "Gain: "+"$"+Ary[0];    document.getElementById("Maxrunup").innerHTML = "Max RunUp: "+"$"+Ary[1];    document.getElementById("Drawdown").innerHTML = "Drawdown: "+"$"+Ary[2];    document.getElementById("Acctsize").innerHTML = "Min Account Size: "+"$K"+Ary[3];});</script>
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I am seeing that the above code works ok on Chrome, but not IE9. How to fix that?


edit: Adding <body onload="PDataFunc()"> along with wrapping the the earlier code in the PdataFunc() fixes the IE problem.


edit: On further review, I notice that once the values get loaded in IE, they never seem to update, while they do in Chrome. Ideas?


edit: IE has a setting which makes this problem go away.

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