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How to access Json data Groupon API

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I've been using the Groupon API, see feed below. I can access without any problem "+data.highlightsHtml+" but I'm struggling to access some other data such as deals > options > value > formattedAmount


I've tried this for example: "+data.options.value.formattedAmount+" but I got the following error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'formattedAmount' of undefined


So my question is, how can I access formattedAmount from value?


URL: https://partner-int-api.groupon.com/deals.json?country_code=uk&tsToken=IE_AFF_0_201236_212556_0&division_id=london&offset=0&limit=20

{"deals": [{"id": "bistro-casbah-2-50348338","title": "Mezze Lunch For Two With Tea for £8.95 at Bistro Casbah (50% Off)","status": "open","type": "groupon","dealUrl": "http://t.groupon.ie/r?tsToken=IE_AFF_0_201236_212556_0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.groupon.co.uk%2Fdeals%2Fdealbank_en_gb%2Fbistro-casbah-2%2F50348338%3FCID%3DIE_AFF_5600_225_5383_1%26nlp%26utm_medium%3Dafl%26utm_source%3DGPN%26utm_campaign%3D201236%26mediaId%3D212556","startAt": "2014-11-23T00:00:00Z","endAt": "2015-01-26T23:59:59Z","smallImageUrl": "http://static.uk.groupon-content.net/80/31/1416592073180.jpg","mediumImageUrl": "http://static.uk.groupon-content.net/50/31/1416592073150.jpg","largeImageUrl": "http://static.uk.groupon-content.net/28/31/1416592073128.jpg","sidebarImageUrl": "http://static.uk.groupon-content.net/80/31/1416592073180.jpg","grid4ImageUrl": "http://static.uk.groupon-content.net/50/31/1416592073150.jpg","grid6ImageUrl": "http://static.uk.groupon-content.net/28/31/1416592073128.jpg","placeholderUrl": "http://assets2.grouponcdn.com/images/groupon/grayPlaceholder.png","highlightsHtml": "<p>Chefs prepare Moroccan and Algerian cuisine to authentic recipes at this colourful restaurant located on Regents Park Road</p>","pitchHtml": "<h2>The Deal</h2>nn<ul>n  <li>n    <p>A large platter for two people <em>(usually £12.95)</em></p>n  </li>n  <li>n    <p>Includes tabbouleh, feta salad, homemade hummus and freshly cooked falafel</p>n  </li>n  <li>n    <p>Served with bread</p>n  </li>n  <li>n    <p>Includes pot of mint tea each <em>(£2.50)</em></p>n  </li>n</ul>nn<h2>The Merchant</h2>n<p>Alive with colour and spice, <a href="http://bistrocasbah.co.uk/">Bistro Cashbah</a> serves North African cuisine in Finchley. The kitchen prepares Algerian and Moroccan dishes according to traditional recipes while fare is complemented by authentic coffee and mint tea. The restaurant features candlelight, a host of African artwork and trinkets and shisha pipes available for hire.</p>","shortAnnouncementTitle": "Mezze Lunch For Two With Tea","announcementTitle": "Mezze Lunch For Two With Tea","newsletterTitle": "Mezze Lunch For Two With Tea","placementPriority": "side-deal","shippingAddressRequired": false,"isTipped": true,"tippingPoint": 1,"isSoldOut": false,"soldQuantity": 5,"soldQuantityMessage": "5","isInventoryDeal": false,"isGiftable": true,"options": [{"id": 50348338,"soldQuantity": 5,"soldQuantityMessage": "5","minimumPurchaseQuantity": 1,"maximumPurchaseQuantity": 2,"discountPercent": 50,"initialQuantity": 1560,"remainingQuantity": 1555,"limitedQuantityRemaining": 1555,"isSoldOut": false,"isLimitedQuantity": true,"title": "Mezze Lunch for 2 with a Moroccan tea","expiresAt": "2015-02-25T23:59:59Z","endAt": "2015-01-26T23:59:59Z","buyUrl": "https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/bistro-casbah-2-50348338/confirmation?pledge_id=50348338","externalUrl": "","discount": {"amount": 880,"formattedAmount": "£8.80","currencyCode": "GBP"},"price": {"amount": 895,"formattedAmount": "£8.95","currencyCode": "GBP"},"value": {"amount": 1775,"formattedAmount": "£17.75","currencyCode": "GBP"},"tax": {"amount": 0,"formattedAmount": "£0.00","currencyCode": "GBP"},


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This is JSON. Square brackets are arrays.


When you want to access en element of an array you use square brackets and an index.


Take this structure for example:

var products = {    "items" : [        {            "name" : "Item 1",            "cost" : 100        },        {            "name" : "Item 2",            "cost" : 100        },    ],    "totalCost" : 200}

To access the name of item 1 we would write this:


To access the cost of item 2:


To access the total cost:

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value is not an array, options is an array.


Look at the structure:

"options" : [ Square bracket means an array

"value" : { Curly bracket means an object

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