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Are you getting paid to advertise for these companies? Somebody in the advertising industry such as yourself should be aware that advertising and marketing is never free.


This forum's main focus is helping people learn and teaching people how to solve their development problems.


Since you're asking for a critique, though I'm not sure if you truly wanted it:


To begin, you could fix the validation errors on your pages:


Most of the errors come from using a <p> element to wrap something that is not a paragraph. You could use <div>, <article>, <section> or other more semantically appropriate elements.

Here's something in your code that is valid HTML syntax but incorrect:

<br/><h3>What you learn:</h3><br/><p>1.    Find and buy webspace and your domain.<br/>2.    Download the current WordPress version.<br/>3.    Create a database for WordPress.<br/>4.    Install the WordPress blog.<br/>5.    Customization of your blog.<br/>6.    Buy and install a template. <br/>7.    Customization of your template. <br/>8.    Install plugins and my favorite plugins.<br/>9.    Search engine optimization.<br/>10. Earn money with your blog. <br/></p>

Once again, a <p> element is around something that is not a paragraph. This is an ordered list, you should use the <ol> element to represent it.

The use of <br> tags is also a bad idea. Block elements automatically have a line break before and after them. If what you want is vertical space, use margin or padding in your CSS.

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