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How to do a auction webpage


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  1. Auction

Ima wants to raise funds by running auctions online so every senior member has a chance to bid

The auction:

  1. Must enable only administration to upload articles for auction and only senior members to bid.
  2. Must notify members of their bid and also when another member has outbid them
  3. Must be time limited i.e. an ending date/time to the auction can be set.
  4. Should have a buy it now functionality which, when used, ends the auction.
  5. Could enable bids to be withdrawn (with all appropriate notifications to members and calculations).

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I think he's asking if you know how to do programming in PHP.


The project you're asking about is not a simple task, it could be weeks or months of work. It would be better if you search for pre-made PHP software that does auctions for you.

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