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Hi there, my name is Mark and i have recently started a consulting website and as i did it through one of the most commercial website creators i am quite limited on the format of what i can insert (which in this case only HTML code) . I was quite good at VB back in uni but unfortunately, i have never done anything with html.


What i want to do is, i am sure rather simple for someone that has had past experience but not as much for me.


I want to make a small app type that will have a title on the top saying "What house do you own" and then giving the option to the user to click on one of the three options. Once the (either) button or picture has been clicked i would like to post a message and ideally another image .


I shall now mention some things that i have got from googling and watching afew tutorials online:



<title>Page Title</title>
<h1>What type of house do you own?</h1>
<button onclick="myFunction()">Detached</button>
So what i got out of this is the title and a clickable button.
Now my initial questions are , how to add 3 clickable buttons? and secondly how to insert a image either on top or below each button?
Unfortunately, i just started working as sole trader straight after uni so my funds are extremely limited and that would be the main reason why im trying to make something myself rather than paying someone to do it for me.
I do apologize for the long post and any help whatsoever would be really appreciated. Seriously!
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