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how to solve header and footer

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Hi friends,

I have 20 html pages. For all the pages footer and header is common. I dont want to use div's and paste header and footer in all 20 pages. It is because if there is a change in header i have to change in all 20 pages. I want to keep header as a single html and want to include in all 20 html pages. For this we can use frames but in html 5 frames are absolute. So what is the way of doing this? Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

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Best option server-side script PHP, ASP.NET, and include single header in all pages.The frame may be not supported, in HTML5 but iframes IS.JQuery can load content from other page, but not SEO friendly.

It is a static site so we dont want to use php or ,net or jsp. so may be iframe should be the choice. but is there any other better way?(not jquery)

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If you're serious about your website you should use a server-side language. Almost all web hosts these days have PHP installed with no extra cost, so since it's there you might as well use it. PHP is excellent for repeating content across many pages.


iframes are the only pure HTML way to do it. Why are you opposed to jQuery? jQuery could at least provide a much smoother experience than iframes.


You have jQuery and probably PHP at your disposal but refuse to use them. I can't understand why.

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