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CSS animations: targeting a different element


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Only if id="b" is sibling to id="a"


#A:hover + #B {...}


<div id="A">ggggg</div>

<div id="B">ggggg</div>



#A:hover ~ #B {...} this shouuld work but test first


<div id="A">ggggg</div>

<div id="Aa">ggggg</div>

<div id="B">ggggg</div>


this won't work


<div id="A">ggggg</div>


<div id="Aa">ggggg

<div id="B">ggggg</div>



as now "B" is child of "Aa" and so is not a sibling element to "A" any longer, but "Aa" is a sibling to "A".

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