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Purpose of citation in <blockquote>?

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So when you use the <blockquote> element, you can put a "cite" attribute, and a web address as a value.


e.g., <blockquote cite="http:.en.wikipedia......>


But when you look at it as a webpage, it doesnt display the web address or have any other way to access it apart from viewing the page source. So, I was wondering what is the main purpose of adding the citation?


My guess is its more for the SEO, or is there another reason for having it.



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It's not intended primarily for SEO. It is just an attribute that tells where the quotation comes from. The fact that browsers decided not to show anything is just a design choice by the browser vendors themselves.

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The cite attribute specifies the source of a quotation. Tip: It's a good habit to always add the source of a quotation, if any. The cite attribute does not render as anything special in any of the major browsers, but it can be used by search engines to get more information about the quotation.

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