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Hi i need to make a website for shool project and i made a web design in photoshop and converted it to html.Im using dreamweaver for testing and i made div tags to put the header another for menu and background but i have white space in left and up side of the page.Dont mind the big size of the page im just testing the design.So how i can make the pictures fit?post-179107-0-43009200-1417714199_thumb.jpg

Also what size to use in photoshop because i made it with 1280x1024 and it doesnt fint in the browser?

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Most webpages are now "responsive" which means they don't have a fixed width, however a banner image might typically be 900-1200 pixels wide. Unexpected gaps between elements are often due to default margins and padding. The following css style can sometime be helpful...

*{margin:0; padding:0; }
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