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Help with tumblr css theme!


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Hi, I need a little help localizing in a tumblr theme what causes posts with more than 1 picture to hide the captioned text below the images.

Also I would like to make it so that I can use custom text formatting on any post (bold text, different colors, bulleted lists etc,) because it is blocked somehow (take a look at "equipment" - there I tried using custom html in the post but it doesn't end up with it after saving)You can take a look here:



The bottom post is with 1 picture and shows text below it, however the 2nd post has 3 images and doesn't show the text, even if i specifically go to that post's URL. What and where needs to be changed in order to make posts with custom formatting possible?


Here is the html:http://pastebin.com/vseM4AUi


Here is the .css asset:http://pastebin.com/urAh9Zrj




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