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Building PHP forum system and need some help


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Ok i am building a custom PHP forum system for my site and i am pretty much done, but having troubles with one thing linking categories with boards (aka forums in database).


I will start by covering my database layout


Categorycat_id | int(8) | primary | auto incrcat_name | var(255)|2|Test 2|3|Test 3|1|Test 1Forumid | int(8) | primary | auto_incrforum_cat | int(8) <-- forum cat "category" is just ID of category it belongs toname | var(255)desc | var(255)

position | smallint(6)|1|1|Test| Just a simple forum test|2|3|More Test | Just a 2nd test forum|3|1|Bugs| Bugs and related go here


and this is my php for displaying the boards, like i said not sure how to go about adding categories.

<?php$dn2 = mysqli_query($conn,'select id, name from forum_cats where id order by id asc');while($dnn2 = mysqli_fetch_array($dn2)){?><div class="panel-heading"><table class="cat-table">  <tr>    <td width="81%"><h3 class="panel-title"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-home"></span><?php echo $dnn2['name']; ?></h3></td>    <td width="12%"><h3 class="panel-title">Topics</h3></td>    <td width="7%"><h3 class="panel-title">Replies</h3></td>  </tr></table></div><div class="panel-body"><table class="cat-table"><?php$dn1 = mysqli_query($conn,'select b.id, b.name, b.description, b.position, (select count(t.id) from topics as t where t.parent=c.id and t.id2=1) as topics, (select count(t2.id) from topics as t2 where t2.parent=c.id and t2.id2!=1) as replies from boards as b group by b.id order by b.position asc');$nb_cats = mysqli_num_rows($dn1);while($dnn1 = mysqli_fetch_array($dn1)){?><tr class="cat-col">    <td class="cat-row" width="84%"><a href="topics.php?id=<?php echo $dnn1['id']; ?>" class="title"><?php echo htmlentities($dnn1['name'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'); ?></a>        <div class="description"><?php echo $dnn1['description']; ?></div></td>    <td class="cat-row" width="12%"><?php echo $dnn1['topics']; ?></td>    <td class="cat-row" width="7%"><?php echo $dnn1['replies']; ?></td>    </tr><?php}?>    </table></div><?php}?> 

Image attached is what i am aim for... So as of right now categories are displaying right but all boards show up under all categories...demo in reply


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