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Hi there




The problem is with the projects page on my site: http://mvec.io/projects



It works fine on 1920 x 1080 with browser maximized.

When I horizontally resize the browser, .project_column2 goes underneath .project_column1


How can i keep the .project_column2 box to the right of .project_column1?

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You can't avoid that, cause of the min-width: 100px; as soon as column 2 content makes column1, and column2 greater than width of parent it will stack until it can't no more, then content would bleed out, you can prevent this by using min-width: on parent, but it then could become not practical for smaller screens.

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Fixed the other server issue, it was actually a PHP property extension_dir I hadn't set correctly.

Anyway back to CSS.


I've attempt to set "min-width: 200px;" on .project_container but .project_column2 still goes beneath .project_column1


I will target the issue of this not being ideal for smaller screens by wrapping the text and moving .project_column2 more to the left later on.

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