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Im trying to use jssor slider from github, but when i copy the code it wont work. For some reason the arrows on the left and right side in the main picture dont show up, even tho when you hover over it with your mouse it does work. Also the unselected thumbnail borders are not the right size. Can anyone help me? Also little loading gif wont show up on main big picture just as on thumbnails.


I uploaded it to http://sugafreetest.hostoi.com


The example what i want to do is http://www.jssor.com/demos/image-gallery.html



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If I look at the network requests with my browser developer tools, it looks like there are 2 images that are missing. It doesn't show those as 404 though, your server is configured to redirect to an error page instead, so they show up as a 302 redirect to error404.000webhost.com. I see a18.png and t01.png missing, maybe those are the arrows. If you click on the left or right side it does scroll like you clicked on an arrow. So, you're missing some of the files.

Also the unselected thumbnail borders are not the right size.

If I inspect the thumbnails with my developer tools it looks like there is an element with the class "c" which is too small, the rule that sets the size is in the style.css file.
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It can't find the images, looking at the demo the arrow images are at '../img/a17.png' as in


background-image: url("../img/a17.png");


but your css points to "img/a18.png"


background-image: url("img/a18.png");


changing to background-image: url("../img/a18.png"); makes the arrow images on your test site appear.

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