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How to add/use parameters in AppML model/xml


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In the AppML tutorial a sample application with Northwind.mdb is given for download.


In the model section an xml document provides a connection to the database

with a select statement such as Select * from Products.


However, from time to time, we need to provide a select statement that includes

some parameters for the where clause, for example:


Select * from Products where CategoryID = @CategoryID and SupplierID=@SupplierID.


I would appreciate it if someone can advise, and provide an example, on how to handle

the input parameters of @CategoryID and @SuppierID, in the xml as well as in the html pages.


Often, the input parameters can be chosen from a dropdown list such as

dropdown_Categories and dropdown_Suppliers.


In such cases, how do we code these in the related html pages?


Thanks and regards


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