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another way to present images user-friendly ?


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Hi everyone. I'm still practicing with <div> and <span> and I'm catching on. I wrote some picture montages, I suppose galleries may be a more appropriate word though.

Anyway, I'm "idea challenged"! The only two ways I have thought of presenting a number of pictures is to

1) make a bunch of thumbnails with corresponding pages which contain the larger image. Click a thumb and get a bigger picture.

But then the viewer has to use a back button to go back to the other thumbs.

2) I've been using hover for the thumbnails and enlarging the picture while the cursor is over it. I just have to leave enough free space on the screen so that the other thumbs don't get covered up. Works great.

My problem is that I'm trying to think of another way to present the pictures in a user-friendly way, but as I said, I'm somewhat Idea-challenged. Guess I should have taken that into consideration before I became addicted to learning this stuff.

I'm all for learning something new, in fact, that's what I love about it. I just kinda' am looking for suggestions.

I'm usually trying to present around 15 to 30 images.

I will appreciate any suggestions/ideas very much, I've gotten over being embarrassed to ask and take criticism very well !

(also, I am just trying to convert the old code I wrote almost all of my site in to html5 and css, but that is kinda slow...I'll get there)

keytone (John / JD)


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