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Is there a way to adjust my webpage size to viewer's screen size?


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This is probably a goofy sounding question and I don't think I'm posting in the proper category, but I don't know where else to ask.

I suspect it involves javascript, or more, none of which I know much about, but I don't know where to look for the answer.


My laptop is a Compaq CQ56, I think it's a 15.6" screen, but I'm sure it's 1366 x 768 px.

When I send a link to a page to my Mom that fits my screen, the width is cut short on her's. I believe her's is 1024 x 768.


Is there a way to compensate for this?


As I said, I sure I'm in the wrong forum but I've wondered about this for some time and wasn't sure where to start.


Thanks for your advice, keytone

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Make it fluid by using percentage instead of fixed width, then set a max-width: and min-width: so it won't shrink or extend beyond these settings OR just make so it fit your mom's screen, which is the bare minimum screen width to work to.


Usually for a 1024 width resolution, and allowing for scrollbar the width should be around 960 - 1000 pixels.

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