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CSS Novice having issues centering a Keypad =/

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Okay before you ask yes I have tried 'text-align: center' haha.


So I am working on a logon page for my company and this is the first page I have ever made that utilizes jsquerys css, and my god is it brilliant. The main reason for this was to utilize its mobile capabilities.

Anyway down to the point, I have created a form and its all ready, but I cannot for the life of me manage to get the keypad to centre.


I can only suspect that somewhere deep down in jsquery css file is something overwriting my settings. Or maybe it has something to do with 'display: table-cell;' I am not sure :(


So please any help would be amazing, attached are the files required to view the page.


Thank you in advanced


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You can't center things that are being displayed as a table cell.


Set the display of #keypad to inline-block instead of table-cell, then set text-align to "center" on its parent element. If you need to, wrap the keypad inside another <div>

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