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How do I add the word/boolean false to a empty string?

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I would like to display the word false instead of an empty string "" for the

<ext:AddressReference ext:currentIndicator="">

How do I do this?


My output which is wrong

<ext:AddressReference ext:currentIndicator="true">    <nc:LocationReference s:ref="INT10566286"/></ext:AddressReference><ext:AddressReference ext:currentIndicator="">    <nc:LocationReference s:ref="INT4279606"/></ext:AddressReference>

Desired output adds the word false to the empty string

<ext:AddressReference ext:currentIndicator="true">    <nc:LocationReference s:ref="INT10566286"/></ext:AddressReference><ext:AddressReference ext:currentIndicator="false">    <nc:LocationReference s:ref="INT4279606"/></ext:AddressReference>

My xml code

<Address PartyCorrespondence="true" PartyCurrent="true" ID="10566286" Type="Standard">    <AddressLine2>772 Minnesota AVE</AddressLine2>    <AddressLine4>Big Lake, MN, 55309</AddressLine4>    <Street>Minnesota</Street>    <City>Big Lake</City>    <State>MN</State>    <Zip>55309</Zip></Address><Address ID="4279606" Type="Non Standard">    <AddressLine1>8435 OAK LANE</AddressLine1>    <AddressLine4>BECKER, MN, 55308</AddressLine4>    <City>BECKER</City>    <State>MN</State>    <Zip>55308</Zip></Address>

My xslt code

<xsl:for-each select="Address">    <ext:AddressReference>        <xsl:attribute name="ext:currentIndicator"><xsl:value-of select="@PartyCurrent"/></xsl:attribute>   <nc:LocationReference>       <xsl:attribute name="s:ref"><xsl:text>INT</xsl:text><xsl:value-of select="@ID"/></xsl:attribute>   </nc:LocationReference>    </ext:AddressReference></xsl:for-each>

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Use an <xsl:choose>. If @PartyCurrent is "true" then show "true", otherwise show "false".

<xsl:attribute name="ext:currentIndicator">    <xsl:choose>        <xsl:when test="@PartyCurrent = 'true'">true</xsl:when>        <xsl:otherwise>false</xsl:otherwise>    </xsl:choose></xsl:attribute>
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