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Problems while adding variables inside a function


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I tried to add 2 variables inside a function.I assigned the value of var a= prompt("Enter value"); and value of var b =prompt("Enter value");.I ran the code. I entered the value of var a = 12 and the value of var b = 3. The result should come 15. But it shows 123.

The code is given below. I really need help. Its a school assignment.

<script src="javascript1.js"></script>
function q(){
var a= prompt("Enter value");
var b =prompt("Enter value");
<button onclick="q()">Click on me</button>
<p id="demo"><p>
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Items returned by the prompt function are strings so you have to convert it to a number with the "Number" function.<script>function q(){ var a = Number( prompt("Enter value") ); var b = Number( prompt("Enter value") );document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML= a + b;};</script><button onclick="q()">Click on me</button><p id="demo"><p>

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