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new html5 tags vs divs

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I wonder what exactly is difference between some new html5 tags and divs with ids



<header> </header><section> </section><aside> </aside><footer> </footer>


<div id="header"> </div><div id="section"> </div><div id="aside"> </div><div id="footer"> </div>
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They're there so that future technology can understand what's contained in them. For example, a search engine might choose to ignore content in the topmost header and footer elements when indexing content from a particular page so that the search result more accurately reflects the page itself.


IDs can't be used like this because there's no standardized convention for which ID means what.

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Yes, you should begin using the new semantic HTML elements. For Internet Explorer 8 and under to style them properly you'll need what's called a "shiv". What it does is call document.createElement() for each of the kinds of elements that Internet Explorer doesn't understand and then gives default styles for them.

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