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Converting DataTable to List

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Hello everyone!


So I have a webservice that I made in C# that use DataTable, this works fine in my .net application which can consume DataTable. But I can't use it in my java application.


So I need a way to convert the DataTable to a List when the java application use the webservice.


Could anyone help me out?

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I've gotten this far:


public List<List<string>> Convert(DataTable dataTable) { var result = List<List<string>>; // Loop over all the rows foreach (var row in DataTable.Rows) { var newRow = List<string>; // Loop over all the cells foreach (var cell in row.Cells) { newRow.Add(cell.ToString()); } result.Add(newRow); } return result; }


But it doesent work and I'm not sure how to finish it.

Not even sure if it would be able to do what I want it to do. That is to convert a datatable to a list..

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