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How Do I Change Color of Link in Google?

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When I search, for example, "uii" in google, I get a box to the right side with links in blue which is what I like. But when I hover my mouse over it, the link changes to white. Look at the attached pic showing this circled in red. Where in the code can I change the link color when I hover my mouse over it?I also pasted a link to my updated CSS code below. Do take a look and let me know which element is the culprit of this. Thanks.









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Do you know CSS? If you wrote it, then it should be obvious which selector is targeting which element. If you didn't write it, you should be able to know which element is being targeted based on the selectors in the stylesheet.


If you don't know CSS then read the tutorials: http://www.w3schools.com/css/

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that's easy you can do that in css.


I am giving a little example

<!DOCTYPE Html><html><head><title>Welcome to W3schools</title><style>a:link {color:blue};a:visited {color:red};a:hover {color:orange};a:active {color:purple};</style></head><body><a href="www.w3schools.com">Go to w3schools.com</a></body></html>
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