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What companies are using to make website?

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Hi, I'm a bit better in HTML5 and CSS3 than last time (not enought to start from scratch), but I would like to know how companies are creating their website and newspaper. First of all, website. I started using Wordpress last week (I'm already using Wordpress.com, but now it's from Wordpress.org) and it's easy to post news and add sections to a website. It's a bit complicated to make the template you want, but whatever. Wordpress is using PHP and I'm a bit lost with that. As I know, PHP is to post news and add them dynamically on the website.The problem is that I know that some website are not using Wordpress, so I would like to know what they are using. For exemple, some website I'm following : http://elderscrollsonline.comhttp://riseofflight.com/Blogs/default.aspx Secondly, I would like to know how they are creating awesome newspaper. The Wordpress newspapers have a default design, but do you need to use HTML5 into the email? How do you do that? That's an exemple I received a couple of days ago :1422673269-news.png




Thank you very much.


I didn't know where to post that and I hope it's clear. :)

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Companies will either use a pre-built content management system or build their own. It can be built in PHP, ASP, Java server pages or any other language. Most professional companies don't use Wordpress because it has many security vulnerabilities. There are many content management systems out there.


Content management systems are created or maintained using code editors.


E-mails can have HTML content in them, but it is limited, so old techniques such as tables and presentation attributes need to be used.

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