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:empy question

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hi every one! im new to this forum, nice to meet you alli have done a really wide research trough the web (still havent found what i need)im an SEO manager of a websiet that someone built. im working on some basic css for subcategories in that website,im trying to select an empty li that appears (not sure about the reason, i believe it has something with the odd/even stuff)and i just cant select it right. it shows an empty li on pages that have even number of li items and i just want to make it display: none; but cant select it right.can you guys explain please?this is an example page with the issue - http://www.kabbalahjewelrydesigners.com/hamsa-jewelry/

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You HTML structure is really quite confusing. You should make sure it passes validation first. You're using an XHTML doctype, but then using HTML syntax and some HTML 5 elements. There are also a lot of useless things, like style="display:" on a lot of your elements.


I don't see any empty elements that are targeted by your selector. An element is only considered empty if there is nothing between the opening and closing tag, including spaces and line breaks.

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