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W3C critical lines!


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Hi guys!
I've recently finished a project with a partner and I'd like you to tell me about the quality of the design and distribution of the content.
What's your opinion? If you were looking for that service (printing online) would you contact us? I need recomendations and advice of that.
I'm looking for good comments and what would you change to improve my business on the net. The project is: imprenta online which is very new.
Also I'm trying to solve some bad rules with the HTML and CSS. I tried W3C on this and I saw critical errors. The thing is that I don't have access to edit my html files because I'm coding it from an online interface.
So, do you know if I could solve this?
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The first probelem I encounter is that that the site is very slow loading. You are going to lose at least half your traffic because visitors will not wait for the page to load. The second problem is you assume that I am wiling to view a video; you do not offrer it as an option, you simply impose it on me. That will result in the lose of even more visitors.


Now the question is where are those visitors going to be coming from? Search engines? No you have no actual content on that page for them to index.


As a TV add it might work, but for a web site where you are looking to make sales it is a failure as a design. People who are looking for your services want information, not a TV commercial.


You need to go back to the design stage and design for the web, not TV. You nee to put real content on the page, you need to eliminate the bloat that is making it load slow.


Finally if you have serious errors in the w3c validation; you have to fix those because they just push the page down in search engine rankings. If you are using something that prevents you from fixing errors, then it is a 100% worthless tool get rid of it and move to something that you actually have control of, because with what you have your chances for success are pretty much zero.

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