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Why is not this function working on HTML5?

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<script>function myfunction30(qual){ golbal qual; if if(document.getElementById('nota30').checked) { qual++;}}var qualy=myfunction1(qual)+myfunction2(qual)+myfunction3(qual)+myfunction4(qual)+myfunction5(qual)+myfunction6(qual)+myfunction7(qual)+myfunction8(qual)+myfunction9(qual)+myfunction10(qual)+myfunction11(qual)+myfunction12(qual)+myfunction13(qual)+myfunction14(qual)+myfunction15(qual)+myfunction6(qual)+myfunction17(qual)+myfunction18(qual)+myfunction19(qual)+myfunction20(qual)+myfunction21(qual)+myfunction22(qual)+myfunction23(qual)+myfunction24(qual)+myfunction25(qual)+myfunction26+myfunction27+function28+funtion29+function30<button onclick="myfun()">Submit</button>;function myfun(){ window.alert("Your qualification is: "+qualy+"of 30");</script>

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Javascript doesn't have a keyword called "golbal". It doesn't have a "global" keyword, either. And did you really define 30 different functions? Why not a single function that just takes parameters to tell it what to do?You doubled up your if statement, your giant string of function calls has some incorrect calls and some misspelled function names, you have a random peice of HTML code after that, you're missing brackets, and you're trying to pass a global variable to a function and still use the global version.You should use your browser's developer console. It will show you error messages like that.

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