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Where can I post a Project for Hire? (if I may?)

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I am trying to build a rather large (16+ pages, 2,000+ fields) Survey form to use as part of my Inspection business.

I kept being told "it can't be done" and being an old school hack, I thought it could be done...
So I wrote a smaller "Proof of Concept" form that has most of the features I wanted...
I used Abobe Acrobat XI and Javascript and LOTS of Google searches
The form works...(Very well thank you)
So now I want to find someone to re-write it (for Pay) nicely for real....
I have posted it on "eLance" but would like to know where else I could post it to find people interested in working on a really Nasty, large, complicated, Acrobat PFD Form with some interesting Javascript as well?
Yes, I could do it, but that is not what I am good at... I am a Proof kind of Guy.... I show that it -can- be done, and then turn over the detail to someone who is detail oriented. (and writes neater code than I do)
Be happy to post the Sample Form and the RFP here (if I can) so long as its understood that I know I am a hack, and it was PURELY a proof-of-concept exercise. The code is ugly, complicated, but it works...
PS.. this forum was instrumental in figuring out how to do some of the "impossible" things...

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I'm not entirely sure what your specifications are. Pretty much anything can be done if you use the right tools. Javascript on its own probably won't be enough to do it, but a desktop application or online form involving a server-side language can. It depends on where you want the information to go.


You can leave this thread here in case somebody wants to take on your project. I'm not doing freelance work since I have enough to do at my job.

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Elance would be one option, I doubt you're going to find many people here who would have both the time and skills that you need, most of the people on this forum are here to learn (not everyone, but most people). Other than dedicated sites like Elance, there are other forums where you could post things like that, like this one:http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/forum/96-post-a-job/

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