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Remove everything after a period

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I have a RS object: rs.Fields.item("FreeHardDiskSpace") that outputs like this: 476938.03125

I want to convert it to Gigabytes, so to start I want to remove everything after the period, the rest I think I can handle.


I am still very new to all of this and see different ways to do it but am having trouble referencing and displaying it.


Right now I use this to display it:

<td>Free Space: <%Response.Write(rs.fields.item("FreeHardDiskSpace").Value)%></td>

Sorry but I need a little hand holding :)


Can someone tell me how to strip everything after the period and then how to display it?


I was able to accomplish what I wanted with TotalMemory which was showing "8192" by using this:

<%TotalMemory = rs.fields.item("TotalMemory")/1024%><td>Total Memory: <%Response.Write(TotalMemory)%></td>



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