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how to perform these fileds are required - unless submit button is disabled

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I've form consisting of multiple fileds and I need to disable sumit button unless user fill smth in those fileds. I've smth like this

 $(document).ready(function() {        $("#submit").attr('disabled', 'disabled');     $("#eventName").keyup(function(){    // treba prerobit        if($(this).val() != '') {     $("#myText").keyup(function(){          if($(this).val() != '') {if (document.getElementById("start").value() !=""){ // mozno tiez (function){

but this is not dong the work. wouldn't be smth like while(1) and chcek if every filed is filled - wtih some timer ?

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You should have 1 function that will check every field, so it would just get the value of every field and return false if any of them are empty, or else return true. Then you can put a keyup handler on each invidiual field to call that one function to test everything.

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I've find this on Stackoverflow - and it works fine

 $('#submit').attr('disabled', true);$('.required').keyup(function () {   var disable = false;       $('.required').each(function(){ //type hidden exclude            if($(this).val()==""){  //notifikovat ze nefunguje GPS - adresa                  disable = true;                  }       });                                      // tato funckia check text filedy ci su filled   $('#submit').prop('disabled', disable);                                });    
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