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How to make the below changes

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In my website (Click here) in the sign in page, I have used the instructions as mentioned in this url (http://www.ewtnet.com/2013/06/how-to-create-custom-sign-in-page-in.html).


After doing the changes as mentioned, I am facing the below mentioned problems


1) The background image is not showing up for the full page2) How to get rid of the scroller on the page as it is not required3) How to put the sign in form on the leftside of the page instead of right side4) How to remove the signin and signup buttons on top right of the page

5) How to remove the wordings software in orange box.


Request you to kindly help asap.



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1) Assign height to .ow_sign_in_wrap same as the height of the background image.


2) Add it in head section

body {    overflow:hidden;}

3) In HTML, under .ow_sign_in_wrap interchange following code with all its content

<td width="60%"></td><td></td>to<td></td><td width="60%"></td>

4) Del .ow_footer and its content



5) Del .ow_footer and its content



Note: There are 2 .ow_footer in HTML

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