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page postback while opening new window through javascript

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I have Two gridviews on single ASPX page. after clicking linkbutton on 1st gridview second grid will display. and on that grid, I have another linkbutton which will open a new window using javascript.


my problem is, after opening new window my aspx page does postback which I don't want. so I decided to use

return false in javascript function


Javascript Function


function show_windowResCAdetails(deptname) {
var url1;
var complaintno = document.getElementById("HiddenField2").value;
url1 = "viewResCallActionDetails.aspx?deptname=" + deptname +"&complaintno=" +complaintno
vWincal1 = window.open(url1, "Responsible_CallActions",
return false;
Design Page(Template inside Gridview)
<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Dept Name">
<asp:LinkButton ID="lnkResDept" Text='<%#bind("deptnm")%>' OnClick="lnkResdept_Click" OnClientClick='<%#"show_windowResCAdetails(""" + Eval("deptnm") + """);return false;"%>' runat="server"></asp:LinkButton>
here you can see that I have used return false two times in javascript function as well as on inline design.
when i have tried to remove any of the return false; then aspx page will remain doing postback.
but when i use both my problem solves.
i don't understand how it is working.
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