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Incorrect encoding for German


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I just wonder why this page: http://atheniancorner.comlu.com/Atheniancorner/%dcber%20Politik.html and this other, with exactly the same code except for its contents, doesn't show special characters for german, but a question tag: http://atheniancorner.comlu.com/Atheniancorner/Erste%20S%e4tze%20auf%20Griechisch.html

For some unexpected reason, i can't validate the code of the failing webpage :'(

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I'm not seeing the problem in Firefox. Which browser is it not working in?


This might have something to do with the problem:


ASCII doesn't have German characters. That's also not valid HTML but some browsers might still be attempting to use it.


There are other validation errors.

You also can only have one <head> element in your document and it must contain a <title> element. I see more than one <head> and there are <br> elements between them which shouldn't be there.


Here's the validator for both pages:



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