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CMS or Manual Coding

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Usually a website will have both of them.


You use Wordpress to write blogs and news articles, but you make a Wordpress theme using HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP.


Some sections of the website can be independent of Wordpress and be programmed in plain PHP.

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Thanks Foxy for clarification


This mean that we install WordPress on the server and Edit in it using the standard coding?

and what about the ready plugins?


Sorry for disturbing but I am new in WordPress.


Thanks for support :)

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It's a bad idea to edit Wordpress core files directly, don't try to change how Wordpress works.


You usually need to make a theme. You'll need to use HTML and CSS to make a theme that's customized for your website. Read here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development


If there's a plug-in that does what you want then install it.

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